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I was born and brought up from Hindu family and my father was a famer. while i was travelling in the year of 1990 got siviour  heart attack. there was nobody to help me and In my mind I have prayed for many goddesses but no use. Finally I have just prayed to Jesus Christ in my own words. within few seconds I was absolutely free from pain. God healed me Miraculously.and till today God is so faithful in my Life and he has been doing wonders in the ministry.

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The fear of the lord came into my heart and I have decided to take baptism. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savoir at the age of thirty five. Began to pray and experience the presence of GOD. I always involved in my pastor’s church ministry and conducted Cottage meetings. In 1993 My Daughter was affected with double typhoid Fever and Jaundice. Doctors told me that, they can’t help. There itself in the Hospital I have prayed like this,” Lord if you heal my Daughter I will do your full time Ministry.” Wonderfully God Has gave good health. And as I have decided to do his great mission, Jesus called me to do HIS ministry and gave me clear vision to start Church Ministry In the name of Bethel Prayer House in the location of Billapadu in Gudiwada. I obeyed to God’s word and started church ministry with two Members in 1993.

And with the guidance of Holy Spirit we have also started another Mission Station in Ramarajupalem in Machilipatnam with three Members in 2009. Again with vision of God another Mission station could start with 5 Members in Chinayerukapadu in 2010. God is so faithful in our Ministry and Now Our Church Strength is 400 members in total three Locations and we have few more Locations for Fellowship Meetings. Bethel Prayer Houses are One of the projects in Rays Of Hope Ministries. and now through my Elder Son Sreenu joshi, "Rays of hope Ministries" was found he is the Director of the ministries.

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"The wisest of women builds her house" Proverbs 14:1

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Mrs. Mary Kumari  leads the women’s ministry every Wednesday in Rays of Hope Ministries; many families are witnessing deliverance and peace in their families through women’s ministry. By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, she counselled many people of who are facing financial struggles, some of their family problems. cosplay shop

We welcome you to be a part of women’s ministry in Rays of hope ministries to support and pray for the ministry.

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R Ashok is a younger son of Rev Rathnam remalli and younger brother of Sreenu Joshi. he has completed theological studies and through God's call he is leading the youth ministry and children ministry.

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Dr Sreenu Joshi

How can a young man keep his way pure? by guarding it according to your word. Psalms 119:9 
Dr Sreenu Joshi is The servant of God, Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Director of Rays of hope Ministries. got saved and he was chosen by God for the ministry when he was young. While he was studying Intermediate second year God has spoken to him in a dream and called him into HIS ministry. Then he left his study and came to God’s ministry went to Gospel for Asia Theological Seminary Completed Bachelor of Theology in 2012. God blessed him with a special heart to learn and serve God. And also He was Graduated in Master of Theology with Doctorate in Andhrapradesh theological Seminary.


Many young people were connected with Rays of Hope Ministries for extending God’s Kingdom. Through “Young Fellowship for Christ.” We are very glad to associate with our young generation to enhance their spiritual growth. We are continually praying and looking forward to reach many more young people and share the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. We welcome you to join with us.replicas de relojes