Our Goals


Children Home:

In our three churches, and surroundings we have nearly  hundred above poor children who don’t have proper clothing, education and shelter. At present we are supporting some of these children by paying their school, college fees and by purchasing books, dresses and shoes. By doing this these children are able to continue their studies. 

We have a great desire to provide them food, clothing, education and shelter. Now and then we are financially supporting them partially but we are unable to provide them in full because of the lack of funding. 


Home For Aged:

In our three churches, we have nearly seventy five poor widows who don’t have proper shelter, clothes, food and medicine. We are heart fully providing clothes, medicine and food, at that time we could see great happiness in their faces. Always we want to see their faces in the same way by keeping them happy they will be healthy and their life span could be increased.

God has given a great burden in my heart to comfort the aged people by sharing love of Jesus Christ. We are planning to build a home for aged by caring them as our father and mother.

This ministry was established in the year 1993..